Limited editions. Designed by artists.

At Cliffhanger Designs we believe in advocating for uniqueness, through original and quirky designs. Our t-shirts are weird and wonderful creations, designed by our in-house artist.

Our mission is to inspire you to embrace your own individual style through unique and original designs.
Be you. Be proud.

Expressing who you are starts with what you wear and, in today's world, individual designs are rare. Cliffhanger is here to disrupt that by ensuring that our collections are creative and unique.

Cliffhanger collections are owned by the brave few, not the conforming masses.

Our Artist

Welcome! My name is Sandro, Iā€™m an illustrator and have been obsessed with visual imagery for as long as I can even remember. With a background in fine art, digital art and cinematography I have grown to love playing with shapes, abstract themes and have a deep fascination in animals and nature.
Searching for clothes that represent my style and taste has always been difficult - most of what is available is not unique, but mass-produced. I want to change that.
My goal is to create a limited selection of wearable artwork that will inspire you to embrace your own individual style.


What is Cliffhanger Designs?

Chliffhanger Designs was founded with the aim to be bring unique, small-production, artist-designed t-shirts to a market full of boring, mass-produced fashion.

Each month a new collection, with new designs, is launched and available for just one week. This ensures that only a handful of each particular design can be sold, making them unique and exclusive items.

Why are some collections only available once a month for a week?

This is done to keep these items unique and limited edition. With them available for a limited time, these designs can only be bought once and there is no chance of them becoming mass-owned pieces.

The owner of each t-shirt will have a unique, small-production piece, owned by very few others.

How can I get notified when a new collection is about to be released?

Subscribe to our newsletter. Our subscribers will always be the first to know of a new collection drop.

Can I return my t-shirt?

Yes. We have a 14-day return policy. If you are not happy with your t-shirt, we can exchange it for a new one, or you can return if (if not worn) within 14 days of purchase.

What are the t-shirts made of?

Out t-shirts are made from high-quality, 100% ring-spun cotton. The material is soft and durable, perfect for everyday wear.

How long does it take to prepare and ship my order?

In order to be more sustainable and ensure a high quality, we produce each t-shirt on demand. This will take us 2 days from receipt of the order. The t-shirt is then shipped to your location and shipping time depends on where you are in the world. Our standard is 2-7 days.